Why and how backdrop printing has a color problem
  2022/07/19| View:622

Now in the ad-printing market, backdrop printing is popular with users for its efficiency, quality, and ease of use. However, there are some problems with this process, so here's a quick summary of why and how you can do this.

backdrop printing

1. Ink stack, scraper failure. Using the inkjet printer for a long time will cause the tip scraper to age, the ink stack's tightness to reduce the ink absorption capacity, and the ink stack cap will also produce noise if used for a long time, this situation requires us to clean the nozzle and ink stack, replacement of aging parts.

2. Negative pressure in the ink supply system. Problems with the ink supply system will also cause backdrop printing to appear cross-color, mottled, and so on, which requires professional personnel to check the ink supply system related pipes, valve switches, and so on, problems will require us to repair and replace them.

3. Ink capsule malfunction. The ink supply system of the inkjet printer will be damaged due to the damage or air leakage of the ink bag, the damage or air leakage of the ink pipe, resulting in negative pressure, which will cause the ink to flow back against the backdrop printing cross-color, variegated color, etc., this situation requires the replacement of a new toner.

4. Sprinkler problem. Clean pump accessories, clean ink drops of dirty ink, cleaning nozzle 1-2 times. If the fault does not change, it is the nozzle perforated string of water. Once the nozzle is damaged, can not be repaired, can only be replaced.

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